Thursday, March 24, 2005

About “Performance Technology – the missing piece” 

Harold comments this week’s LearnNB event held in Fredericton that I also attended, and for which I helped design the program.

There is indeed an important piece of the puzzle missing in most e-learning/serious games discussions: how do we make sure that we help support performance? It all starts with understanding performance as a systemic phenomenon rather than an individual one, and being able to measure it. In some cases, even the best training doesn’t help better performance. The reason is usually quite simple: the problem wasn’t there initially.

Even if it has been over-exploited during the last decade, I like the toolbox metaphor a lot. First, the more tools you have in your toolbox, the better you can work on a limited set of tasks. Adding new tools always requires investment but can help you work better on current tasks and/or start working on new sets of tasks. Serious games are a new (but still expensive) tool. The problem is that we have a very bad understanding of how and when to use our tools, and especially this new one.

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