Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Instructional Design Models 

Ouhhh! Neat resource about instructional design models.
George Siemens points to this very useful - and very comprehensive - list of instructional design models, organized by epoch (modernist and post-modernist) and model, pointing to resources, writings and home pages for each model. By Martin Ryder, Dece,ber 1, 2004
It's kind of funny. In my work I often have to explain to instructors that there are many ways to train people, that the traditional intructor-students relationship is not the only viable way of doing things, that we can do better than that, that replicating traditional teaching in an online format is a lack of opportunism. Maybe I could show people this page. I wouldn't expect everyone to read everything that's in there but that would surely show them that there are indeed other models and alternatives to teaching...

Via OLDaily and George Siemens

Gee, I haven't visited this site for years. Good to see that it's still up and being used.

Joyeux Noël mon ami!
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