Tuesday, November 09, 2004

CIT – Low Budget Interactive Learning Objects 

I don’t like to comment on low-level presentations but I’ll do it this time because a comment made by one of the presenters really struck me. I felt like being back in the 90s: the key to e-learning is to turn every faculty member into an independent producer!?!

Hey! That doesn’t work. If you just want to create low-level static html pages it’ll work. If you want to do high-quality learning experiences you need a lot of very specific and deep expertise. Just let faculty members do what they are good at: design learning experiences and mentor learners. The remaining has to be assigned to people who know (and like) what they are doing, be it multimedia design, project management or linguistic revision.

Are car owners building their cars on their own in their backyards? No, unless it’s for fun. It is much more efficient in terms of quality and cost to “outsource” the job to a very large number of highly specialized workers. The same principle is also true with e-learning.

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