Tuesday, November 09, 2004

CIT – League for Innovation in Community Colleges Coverage 

I’ve been in Tampa for 3 days now attending the Conference on Information Technology of the League for Innovation in Community Colleges. I had high expectations before getting here as the conference had been warmly recommended to me by a number of people.

Well, so far it’s been quite disappointing. The level is just not there. It’s not that the subjects are bad or not interesting to me. In fact there is always something like 20 sessions running at the same time so I have been able to always choose subjects that really interest me. The problem is that my enthusiasm falls flat after 10 minutes. Most presentations just represent old, if not outdated, concepts. When one of the most interesting presentations is Jeb Bush’s, to which I reluctantly attended (especially with the sun shinning outside), you can tell that there’s a problem.

Anyhow, my next posts are my coverage of some presentations that still deserve that I write something about them.

By the way, the weather has been great…

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