Thursday, October 21, 2004

Serious Games and the military 

I wouldn’t want to finish my coverage of the Serious Games Summit without mentioning the overwhelming presence of the US army, more specifically its America’s Army group. This group is in charge of developing the army’s games and simulation. The games are of course of exceptional quality (technically speaking).

I don’t necessarily have a problem with military using gaming and simulation for training purposes. What I have a problem with however is when those games are freely distributed to the general public in order to boost recruitment. The games are all about killing, which is, by the way, what a very small portion of the military personnel is doing.

I have a suggestion, why not make the games more realistic with features such as:
1. Having the game console shoot real bullets back to the players
2. Having a device that disperses a strong burnt flesh odor and sprays body liquids in the room when an opponent explodes
3. Having kids to shoot at you (with real bullets of course as in suggestion 1)
4. Allowing for group rapes, torture and public humiliation

Those suggestions are made exclusively for improving realism to a maximum so that it feels (and smells) like an actual battleground…(sic)

Yan - thank you very much for blogging this event. It's really appreciated! I wish more people would blog conferences.
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