Tuesday, August 03, 2004

An Interesting Aggregator Feature? 

In a recent post I expressed my concern that recommendation systems, by recommending things that we like, might not be helping us create new knowledge because they don’t bring us out of the comfort zone. Well, today I feel like proposing the contrary. Let me warn you that I might well change my point of view again tomorrow.

Effective weblog readers have to be good blogroll managers. The reading of a selected list of weblogs obviously influences our present and future thinking. Choosing which weblogs to read is then a critical and even creative responsibility. That would be nice to see Bloglines proposing us new weblogs by comparing what people with comparable interest (expressed through their subscriptions) like.

Again, I am not sure that would be really beneficial. Not much cross-fertilization here. Swimmers attending the Olympic Games would never have made it if they had always kept swimming in their backyard pool.

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