Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Human flow

This morning I gave a look at a little river that flows nearby my home. I couldn’t help but to think about analogies between this river and human networking. Water behaves chaotically (especially during spring in Canada). Its particles actually go in every possible direction. Nonetheless, the global direction of water, its stream, is very well oriented. According to me, efforts undertaken under the names e-learning, knowledge management and blogging seek to allow humans to act as independent water particles in a human stream.

This analogy may seem a bit simplistic but it helps me structure my thoughts on the motivation that lead us to try to communicate and learn collaboratively. I wouldn’t want to become too esoteric but it seems to me that we are trying to build the early structure of a concrete collective soul. George Pór would probably like it. Stephen’s statement in Stephen's web (at the very bottom) seems to go in that direction too.

What’s great with wild rivers is that even though they follow their beds, they also participate in its shaping by erosion. They even sometimes completely change direction and are in that respect a model of adaptability. Individual empowerment, adaptability, collective coherence… It’s worth giving some more thoughts.

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