Thursday, March 25, 2004

Here we go!

My first lines.

People who know me might say it was about time that I start blogging being such an active blog reader myself. Many things kept me from finally deciding to take a plunge into blogging:

1. Having a job and a young family, time is obviously a scarce resource for me. I wouldn't want to become less present for my wife and kids because I blog. The coming weeks will tell me if I can achieve that and still be a productive blogger.

2. I'm not sure that my thoughts can be interesting for people other than myself. Am I shy? Yes.

What decided me in the end is exactly what keeps me from blogging for many months. I've finally decided to blog because I believe that my kids deserve a world where free expression and individual empowerment are not only ideals but the very foundation of social interaction. I might be fooling myself but I believe that I can make a significant contribution to this cause through this webblog. I'm still time-constrained and shy, but I no longer care.

My initial goal is to discuss subjects such as education, technology, social interaction and business. After all, I make a living as a consultant in those fields. So if people pay me for my reflection on these subjects, maybe I can make the easy assumption that my ideas are of value for some people.

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